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Little old Me!

To “wear a Clare” is to embrace happiness…

                            Clare creates individual and unique jewellery

Her philosophy is simple, to create something that gives pleasure to the wearer. The enamelling process means no two pieces are the same, with each item as unique as your fingerprint. That’s what makes them so special and timeless.  

Here are some words from Clare, who is usually too shy to blow her own trumpet. Although she may not always make eye contact you will see the naughty twinkle as she becomes animated about the creative process.​

Clare Design began during 2014 after being introduced to the skill and process, I took to it straight away, loving the versatility, the vivid colours, the freedom to experiment, seeing what comes out of the kiln is always exciting. I work freely building layer on layer, allowing each piece to naturally come together organically. 

My inspiration comes from my love of colour in nature, I am always amazed by how nature puts colours together with perfection, in such incredible detail.

At first I just made jewellery for myself and for friends as gifts.  My confidence grew and following a few successful events I started to make more and more pieces.  I now design and create enamel jewellery in my work room which you can buy directly from me. 

My creations are lovingly made at my home in Wiltshire during those long, lazy hours when the kids are at school.     

My watchword here is happiness.  I love making the jewellery and hope you will share this joy and  love wearing it.

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