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My Products

I design and create kiln fired copper enamel Jewellery,  My inspiration comes from within or nature, the sea and beautiful objects around me, I love using cheerful colour enamels and Murano glass millefiori slices in my pieces which makes my work quite instinctive .  Using base materials of copper and glass, enamelling is the process of fusing and melting at very high temperatures. The jewellery can then be hung on leather, waxed cotton or sterling silver chains. If you don't see exactly what you like then you can commission me to make one of you, I will always be glad of a challenge!

If you wish to make a purchase just click on the SHOP button at the top or I would always love to meet you at one of the events I attend, that way you can see all my work in its full glory.. Enjoy!


Clare Design Hare necklace
Bespoke Necklaces.

My Bespoke Necklaces are all hand cut & hammered into shape before being enamelled.  I've made some weird and wonderful shapes inspired from nature, and enjoy creating a colourful version of my favourite animals. it goes without saying that they are all different.

Me & You collection.

These tiny hearts are approximately 15mm in size.  Can be made in all colours.I like to think the small coppers dot or tiny Millefiori in the enamel represent a relationship - a mother & daughter, her children, husband & wife, best friends......

Clare Design Reversible necklace.jpg
Reversible Necklaces

These Reversible Necklaces are great for taking away on holidays as you have two necklaces in one, less items to pack!

They have been very carefully made to be worn both ways, can be made in many colours and patterns,  

Contemporary pendants

I make a range of pendants that are simpler in design, can have a design with copper dots, plain Millefiori or just a collection of complimentary or contrasting enamels.

Glorious Pendants.

These pendants are glorious and bold, worn to be seen. can be made in various shapes & all colours, no two pendants will be the same.


These pendants are all hand made individually which makes them all unique, they come in various shapes and sizes, made using Italian Murano millefiori on sterling silver chains. All you need is to decided which shape and what colour.

Clare Design Poppies.jpg
Coloured Poppy's

Poppy's come in many different colours and all have different meanings. Make lovely personal gifts, I include a card with the meanings in the box. can be made as earrings or a necklace. 

clare design geometric necklace_edited.jpg
  Geometric Necklaces

These large necklaces are daring to be different and to be talked about. They are reversible too, so can be worn either way round, this one are a Lime green pattern on the other side.  

clare design kingfisher brooch_edited.png

Love a great brooch!  My brooches are all hand cut & hammered from copper, then enamelled. they brighten up any jacket or jumper. Kingfishers, hares & floral designs have been most popular . 

clare design earring collection
Patterned Earrings

Earring designs are made in all shapes and colours. Hang on Sterling silver wires (styles may vary). For those who like a pair of earrings that are detailed & different.

Small Earrings.

Earring designs are made on hearts, discs or triangles in a variety of colours. Sterling silver wires (styles may vary).  They look gorgeous for any occasion.

My Dangly Earrings

These earrings have to be my favourite, they are simply stunning, the are so versatile as they look fabulous when dressed up to go out or with jeans for everyday.

Choice of colours on discs, triangles or hearts. 


I love these classy sterling silver bracelets, I can make various enamel charms that can be added to the bracelet. Designs of the bracelets will vary depending on stock availability.


My cufflinks are a fabulous gift for men or women, various styles of silver plate or rhodium. Can be made in a choice of colours, sterling silver can be made to ordered.


Rings are made using an enamel set into either custom made sterling silver rings or a generic silver plate dress ring.

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